Do you know what your success looks like?

I hate the word success. It conjures up images of celebrity coaches with glimmering white perfect teeth.

Immediately you think fast cars, luxury living and splashing the cash.

Yet, it is what we are all pursuing.

Success in life.

Success in business

I’ve met a number of millionaires and had the honour of meeting two billionaires in my life and I got pondering, what got them to where they are and if there are any commonalities.

Having spent some time over Christmas pondering what is the key to success, reading stories of people, reflecting on the people I have met who have achieved great things and watching a ton of YouTube videos from entrepreneurs, what is the key to success?

Success is a relative term. There are two definitions, the one which people define about a person and the one the person defines for themselves.

The success we should be pursuing is obviously the one which matters to us, not the one which matters to other people. Living to fulfill other peoples...

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